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​Swami Sunildas is a spiritual guru who, believes in serving mankind as the true form of service to god. He runs various welfare programs, including healthcare, education, food for the hungry and HIV and Leprosy rehabilitation, pension schemes for poor and old, water project drinking water supply to draught areas. Divinely inspired, Swami Sunildas has developed meditation called ‘Heart of Love’  with a view to inculcate basic values of love and reverence to parents, teachers and Mother Nature. Swamisunilji’s heart of love meditation programme has been generating love energy all around and has a magnetic attraction ,drawing  many dignitaries and other divine souls. This spiritual reality takes you to a unique journey towards yourself making you knowledgeable and blissful and ultimately you merge with divine LOVE.​ LOVE which pervades everything  in the universe. You are nothing but LOVE LOVE LOVE. 

In these places there is more of discipline and practical lessons than those found in conventional education. This method may be considered necessary to evolve a disciplined individual than thousands of children brought up under the normal education pattern and allow the growth of the qualities of clairvoyance, the service work,  Swami Sunildas followed this pattern of education and training. Perhaps these qualities can be better evolved and give more importance to spiritual training during the training period. 

Swami Sunildas right from the childhood started helping the society and distributed all the salary he received to the poor and the needy. He was awarded Honorary degrees by the Governments, Slade Child Foundation, USA, Doctorate of Literature[2011], The International Open University, Knighthood of Charity [ 2010 ] and Star of Asia [ 2011 ] for distinguished work to foster the ideals of humanitarianism through peace, love and promotion of International understanding, Doctorate in Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Ayurveda Shreshta Purashkaram [ 2004 ], Doctor of Literature (Heart of Love), Srilanka, Humanity Awards  [2013 ], Indian Times, Australia and many more…..

Thousands of people all over the world are getting moral and spiritual guidance by him as they move along on the slippery path of spirituality.

SWAMI SUNILDAS, living right now in a faraway place, in front of a 5000 feet high mountain [Manpara] where even the animals of this mountain normally shy away from mankind. The deer and peacock roam freely and siddhas who live in their spirits in the mountains radiate their spiritual charm on the inhabitants of the place by raising the vibrations of their beings. Yet there are no proper roads that lead to this place, In fact, there is no town and no village to demarcate it on the map.

This is the place where Swami Sunildas lives having an aura of spiritual enlightment, so wide that those who come over here have a hard time believing it. He embraces all in His Divine Love.

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​​​The Almighty has His own mighty ways of functioning and managing this large setup called the universe, He has His chosen instruments to carry out His Divine Plans and Actions. In the present Kali Yuga, the most potent method to combat the negativity is Love. So the Lord has His messenger of Love all over the world depending upon the need of the hour and place. One such loving and lovable messenger of Love was born in the beautiful soil of Kerala in 1964 to the noble parents Lakshmi and Prabhakaran and was named Sunildas, later to be known all over the world as Swami Sunildas. That village in Muthalamada in Palakkad District, one of the backward areas in the State. A strict vegetarian since birth in a nonvegeterian joint family household, the child loved birds and animals to the extent that killing them for eating was unthinkable. Though a rebel, he grew with a mind which was totally tuned towards the poor and the needy. While children of his age were playing hid and seek, he was seeking basic necessities of life like food, water, clothing and shelter for the poor. With the firm belief that “Manava Seva is Madhava Seva”, he started feeding hundreds and thousands of hungry people with no financial or moral support from anywhere. But the Lord has His own amazing ways of fulfilling each and every need of His dear instruments, hence Poor feeding for thousands of villagers is continuing uninterrupted till today. His frequent visits to the tribal belt, in and around Muthalamada provided great solace to the tribals in terms of food, clothing and medicines. He created awareness among the children about the value of education and provided guidance to start small scale household industries besides giving them a glimpse of human values. As a result, the tribals have become transformed into civilized, educated set of people, their children going to school regularly and most of them successful in acquiring employment. Type your paragraph here.