feeding the poor is one of the main activities of the ashram. Daily huge no of tribal, school children, old people and poor people are fed in the ashram. Swami makes sure that no person should go hungry at any time of the day. Appreciating food is the basic of the basic needs of human existence; the trust has been working reverently to ensure one sqare meal everyday for as many poeple as long as it can.


Sneham Trust is up and on the move to provide timely health care. The problems, however, get compounded when places are remote and doctors and medical supplies are far and few. The burden becomes heavier, the cost of expenses for treatment become higher, and in most cases beyond the reach of the poor. At Sneham Trust, modern as well as traditional systems of medicine are practiced successfully under a dedicated team of able and caring medical practitioners, who endeavour in the service extended by the Trust.


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Swamiji Sunil das is a spiritual guru who, believes in serving mankind as the true form of service to god. He runs various welfare programs, including healthcare, education, food for the hungry and HIV and Leprosy rehabilitation, pension schemes for poor and old, water project drinking water supply to draught areas.

parents, teachers and Mother Nature. Swamisunilji’s heart of love meditation programme has been generating love energy all around and has a magnetic attraction ,drawing  many dignitaries and other divine souls.

This spiritual reality takes you to a unique journey towards yourself making you knowledgeable and blissful and ultimately you merge with divine LOVE Type your paragraph here.

Divinely inspired, Swami Sunildas has developed meditation called ‘Heart of Love’  with a view to inculcate basic values of love and reverence to 

 LOVE which pervades everything  in the universe. You are nothing but LOVE LOVELOVE.

Begin the  
meditation by chanting





The students are imparted lessons in moral and ethical topics with a view to enable a wholesome growth of the child into an individual with sound scholastic knowledge and right human values. Logistic assistance is provided to the needy student, free books, school uniforms and stationary kits, etc. are also provided to the needy. To sustain the interest in the regular schooling and studies periodic extracurricular activities accompanied by distribution of suitable prizes / awards are arranged to the pre and primary school students.

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  A  challenging  programme  by itself.  The trust envisages meeting the profound problems encountered by HIV positive persons & AIDS sufferers. This is perhaps one of the pioneer attempts in the world to overcome the stigma attached to the disease. The Trust took the bold humanitarian step to assist HIV +ve individuals in arranging marriages ( to other HIV +ve individual) and giving them the opportunity to adopt children suffering from the same disease ,who were abandoned by their families. These HIV families are given accommodation, food, clothing, medical care, and financial assistance. They are supported by the Trust to build balanced but happy family units. About 504 HIV/AIDS afflicted individuals are registered and located in and around Palakkad district. They are also assisted by the Trust to improve their quality of life and to meet their specific needs.Rehabilitation of  HIV/AIDS and their families



Working for leprocy patients is not merely medical relief, rather it is the transformation of their frustrated lives into a life of joy.  Sneham Charitable Trust has ventured into a programme to keep leprosy patients in their own homes instead of isolating them in rehabilitation centres, hence taking away the social stigma Sneham Trust since decades has been supporting large groups of leprosy families. The trust provides food clothing medical help and assistance for meeting all other requirements of patients. Swami Sunildas puts love at the core of his approach to treating leprosy patients, disabled patients, and indeed everyone who comes to the Trust in need of care and treatment.  The Trust has adopted all the leprosy patients in this area and provides them with a monthly pension plus free medical aid. They are also assisted with domestic animals like cows, goats, poultry, etc. to support their lively hood.