LOVE does not recognize Caste,Creed , Religion, and  Nationality. Love generates energy within and in the surroundings. With love we can spread peace all over. There is no mantra stronger than the LOVE MANTRA. By chanting the word LOVE ,  you generate peace in yourself, the nature and universe around you.There is only one Religion, one cast, one God.  That is LOVE.  Ocean of love.  Embodyment of LOVE. The ocean of love is Devotion. ONLY When there is love INSIDE THE HEART it spreads to the family , society and to the entire world. Kindle love in your heart. That is HEART OF LOVE 

ChantSnehaGayathri  before gently closing your eyes and start observing your breathe(inhalation and exhalation)the essence of life(prana),eventually leading to a state of tranquility and bliss. Visualize your mother father and guru/gurus (teachers), standing in front of you and blessing profusely, without whom you simply do not exist.Supreme god has manifested himself as your mother father and guru.Slowly you can feel the love energyflowing from themto you ina stream of white light.Return it with pure loveand reverence and enjoy the bliss of being one with all. Now is  thetime  to expand your consciousness  to most beautiful and wonderful manifestations of divine love! Theseas the rivers the mountains the valleys the trees theflowers the insects the birds theanimals the sky and the earth are all a part of your being!   Actually there is nothing else in the universe but LOVE. That is supreme divine love. BLESSINGS OF MOTHER NATURE will manifest as cosmic energy which will pour into your body making the intellect more sharp, body healthier and soul blissful. You will be transformed into pure divine love transcending body and mind.Remain in this ecstatic state for as long as you want.Whenyou wake up keep silently chanting the mantra ‘love’ with great gratitude and devotion.  You will be in bliss throughout. With full smile on face slowly open the eyes

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’ WHEN THE DAY BEGINES early in the morning think of mother , father , guru  and begin the day with a smile on the face.  Swamiji’s main  message is ‘’there should always be full smile on the face reflecting the deep love in the heart”


Divinely inspired, Swami Sunildas has developed meditation called ‘Heart of Love’ in 2007, which is gaining popularity throughout the country especially in schools and colleges. Various state governments have initiated to this meditation programme to the students of their respective states with a view to inculcate basic values of love and reverence to parents, teachers and Mother Nature. SWAMI SUNILJI’S heart of love meditation programme has been generating love energy all around and has a magnetic attraction ,drawing  many dignitaries and other divine souls.

Meditation is the journey of our consciousness towards the inner self. It enables the self to take a dip in the blissful ocean of cosmic energy there by attaining higher knowledge .meditation enhances the grasping power, understanding and wisdom resulting  in expansion of consciousness and finally to the realization that you are not the just body, mind, intellect but  only the soul. This spiritual reality takes you to a unique journey towards yourself making you knowledgeable and blissful and ultimately you merge with divine LOVE which pervades everything  in the universe. You are nothing but LOVE LOVELOVE.Heart of love meditation can be practiced by one and all with full faith devotion and dedication a pre requisite to attain anything in life. It can be practiced in any part of the day,  in any posture, without any conditions likefasting  cleansing the body and so on.

Begin the meditation by chanting 





Swami Sunildas  Founder.

Formation of Trust on 7/11/2001


Chairman Swami Sunildas

 A Group of trustees. 

Areas of expertise: 

Health Care, Free Food Distribution,Drinking water supply,HIV AND LEPROSY patients adoption.

Pension scheme for the poor.and old.

Additionally School, Stiching center.