Swami Sunildas’ message is: “People are seeing with both eyes but still don’t use their inner vision. They are to be called the real blind people. People treating the patients without love in the heart, are the leprosy patients. Actual leprosy patient’s heart is divine.”
Sneham Trust since decades has been supporting large groups of leprosy families. The patients are being maintained in their own respective homes and not in the rehabilitation centre so that the patients will not feel segregated from the main stream of society. The trust provides food clothing medical help and assistance for meeting all other requirements of patients. it also makes arrangements for common get to gethers and occasional outings for the leprosy patients.Hence Swami Sunildas has taken out the social stigma from the lives of leprosy patients by taking them under his care.Swami Sunildas puts love at the core of his approach to treating leprosy patients, disabled patients, and indeed everyone who comes to the Trust in need of care and treatment. The Trust has adopted all the leprosy patients in this area and provides them with a monthly pension plus free medical aid. They are also assisted with domesticated animals like cows, goats, poultry, etc. to support their lively hood. Sneham Charitable Trust has ventured into a programme to keep leprosy patients intheir own homes instead of isolating them in institutions


This is given to the needy children with an aptitude to empower them to improve their skills or pursue higher studies.

The complete medical set up provides yeomen service to all the needy in the surrounding areas covering about 10 to 20 km, which includes tribal areas and totally backward villages.Consultations of specialists are arranged once in a week which is helpful for the poor who are unable to travel about 30 kilometres to get proper treatment. Free homeopathy and ayurvedic medical camps are conducted. Regular camps are conducted for eye, cancer, cardiology, neurology, and general medical checkups every month in Muthalamada.  Every effort is taken to ensure that the terminally ill are given dignity, comfort, and solace in their last moments
The area of special focus is the General Hospital which works continuously 24 hours, 7 days a week. Around 100 patients a day are treated – no patient is turned away.The general hospital at Muthalamada works in order to fulfil the health and hygiene needs of the poor rural people, who would otherwise have to travel long distances to get proper medical attention.It also provides herbal, ayurvedic, and homeopathic treatments.Sneham Charitable Trust runs a twenty five bed hospital equipped with diagnostic facilities including X-ray, basic pathological and biochemical investigations. A team of dedicated medical practitioners and physicians are taking care of the Medical & Health Services.

Rehabilitation of HIV/AIDS

patients and their families. A challenging programme by itself. The Trust envisages meeting the profound problems encountered by HIV positive persons & AIDS sufferers. This is perhaps one of the pioneer attempts in the world to overcome the stigma attached to the disease.The Trust took the bold humanitarian steps to assist HIV positive individuals in arranging marriages (to other HIV positive individuals) and giving them the opportunity to adopt children suffering from the same disease, who were abandoned by their families.These HIV families are given accommodation, food, clothing, medical care,
as well as financial assistance. They are supported by the Trust to build balanced and happy family units. About 504 HIV/AIDS afflicted individuals are registered and located in and around Palakkad district. They are also assisted by the Trust to improve their quality of life and to meet their specific needs.

In the area of higher education nearly one thousand scholarships are given annually for higher studies for those meritorious students passing out of the school who lack the financial means to pursue higher education further

The Trust provided about 30 to 35 sewing machines all over, in different villages as well as in the Trust premises. Teachers are appointed to teach the house wives as well as other poor girls. The classes are conducted on shift timings in accordance with the leasure time available for the house wives. This enables them to improve their skills and make them self dependent financially

Free services are done for about 50 to 70 patients per month. This being a life long treatment for the kidney damage patients, it is likely to cause financial break down for the whole family. Free servicesprovided by Sneham Trust Hospital is likelyto avert this financial crisis to the family.

This facility based on the premises at Muthalamada, enables professionals and volunteers to take care of terminally ill patients suffering from cancer and other chronic illnesses. Every effort is
taken to ensure that the terminally ill are given dignity, comfort, and solace in their last moments..

Drinking water supply to the draught areas in surroung villages during  Summer.

Pension being peyed on monthly basis to the poor and old.

EYE CAMPS Regular camps are organised in the Trust premises with the collaboration of with eye Hospitals  for free cataract surgery
AYURVEDIC CAMPS Free Ayurveda Medical camps are organized on a monthly basis run by Ayurveda physicians and the supportive staff.

Provides dental X-ray and outpatient services with modern technology available with modern facilities.


Swamiji adopting road side dwellers , giving them shelter, education solace and courage.

The students are imparted lessons in moral and ethical topics with a view to enable a wholesome growth of the child into an individual with sound scholastic knowledge  and right human values. Logistic assistance is provided to the needy student, free books, school uniforms and stationary kits, etc. are also provided to the needy.To sustain the interest in the regular schooling and studies periodic extracurricular activities accompanied by distribution of suitable prizes / awards are arranged to the pre and primary school students.


Annadanam or feeding the poor, is one of the main project of the Trust. Daily huge numbers ofschool children  tribal children, old people, and poor people are fed in Trus premises. Regularly food is supplied for marriages of poor people, temples, and for schools. According to Swamiji,no person coming to the trust should go back hungry at any time of the day, no matter how many times the food has to be prepared in the kitchen. Appreciating that food is the basic of the basic needs for human existence, and the Trust has been working reverently to ensure one square meal for as many and as long as it can, food grains – mainly
rice – up to 25 kg bags are distributed to the sick and poor. “Eradication of Hunger” is the dream project of Swami Sunildas, who believes that a village can never prosper as long as hungry people dwell in it

Large groups of tribal people come for Swamiji’s Darshan walking from miles and miles together.
Swami Sunildas has been serving this sector of people since many decades. It was in various forms like providing free health care, free food, and financial help for education, death ceremonies, shelter, and marriages. Free stitching classes are provided in Trust premises. And also assistance to develop other small scale industries is being extended, so as to become self dependent. In earlier days Swamiji would walk for miles together with a lantern in hand to the people suffering with diseases or starving for food. He carried them to the required places and the needful was done.

Includes Enhanced External Counter Pulsations (EECP ). This is a non invasive, cost-effective cardiac technique which is safe, does not need hospitalisation, replaces bypass surgery, angioplasty and reduces the need for medicines. It is a boon for the poor patients who cannot afford the cost of treatment, or who are not fit enough for surgery.